Welcome to Far Fetch Farm

We HAVE MOVED!!! Our new farm is Morse Brook Farm in Westminster, VT Please visit us at http://morsebrookfarm.com

Far Fetch Farm is located in Spofford, New Hampshire. We have a small flock of miscellaneous sheep, a guardian dog,  part-time Nigerian Dwarf goats who summer at the Audubon Society in Belmont, MA (reverse snow birds),  ducks, four dogs and a couple barn cast. While I will be selling wool (when it gets washed) and freezer lamb (in the fall, winter) and frequently mentioning my dog training business, Magical Mutt, the primary purpose of this website is to both muse with and amuse my friends who have clamored for me to start a blog about my adventures, observations and exploits on the farm and in dog training.

Animals never cease to amaze and amuse and I learn something almost every day from the menagerie here. Almost all of it applies not only to animals but to the human species as well. Because, unlike Bill Cosby who “started out as a child”, I started out as a serious old fuss budget, there will be moments when I get very serious about that which I am most passionate. But the older I get, the more I laugh, and the  less I *know* for sure.

Welcome, enjoy, reflect, laugh.